IR and HR

HR issues can be quite a challenge if not conducted by an HR professional. At Eskilz we have a team of qualified HR Specialist that an assist your organisation from inception of new hires, maintaining and up to terminating employees.

Owning a business today means you have to maintain compliance with an ever-changing legislation and administration, ensuring you and your procedures follow strict criteria and submissions relating to Employment Equity, Skills Development and many more HR related functions. Dedicating time or hiring new employees specifically to deal with Human Resources (HR) issues can be a long and expensive process.
Eskilz is considered a pioneer in providing the above services, we offer easily accessible HR Consultants to ensure you meet your company’s obligations, going much further than historic administrative functions and helping you to shape your ongoing business with strategic input that can make sure your short and long term goals are achieved..
At Eskilz, we have the experience and expertise to assist you at all levels of your day-to-day operation and we’re confident we offer the most cost-effective solution to your HR requirements. We’re responsive, accurate and objective, ensuring you get the advice and information you need to make the best decisions for your business. Find out for yourself just how much of an impact HR Consulting can make to your company, read through some of the benefits below and then contact us to see how Eskilz can help you.

We provide:

• Proven expertise;
• Flexible arrangements with our clients;
• Cost saving benefits;
• Objectivity and the highest levels of confidentiality

Eskilz will assist with all IR and labour issues internally up until internal disciplinaries.