BBBEE Consultancy

What is BBBEE Consultancy?

The ever changing BBBEE legislation makes it increasingly difficult for organisations to maintain their current levels let alone improve them. This is only effected with the assistance of a person that has indepth knowledge on the BBBEE Act and all the related Acts that impact on all of the codes.

This is the role of the BBBEE Consultant and that is to:

  • formulate a BBBEE strategy
  • implement the BBBEE strategy
  • monitor and prepare the clients BBBEE verification file for the BBBEE Verification.

Eskilz Process

  • Provide a draft BBBEE Scorecard at date of engagement
  • Discuss with client desired level
  • Formulate a BBBEE strategy to achieve that level in time remaining
  • Implement the newly formulated BBBEE strategy
  • Constantly monitor the progress of the strategy towards attained the goal at the end of it
  • Assist the client in compiling their BBBEE verification file
  • Liase with BBBEE verification agency to address any challenges