Eskilz was founded in 2002 by CEO – Mr Kamal P Timmal. Eskilz was founded by the need for businesses to be compliant with the new acts and laws passed by the government after the birth of democracy.

The landscape was changing with South Africa trying to find it’s feet. It became difficult for businesses to focus on their core activities while still trying to comply with all the new aspects introduced.

Without being compliant alot of businesses were facing fines, closure and loss of income. Here was the niché that Mr.Timmal identified. An entrepreneur, mentor and motivational speaker; he shared the passion to succed with his clients. Mr. Timmal envisioned a business solution all under one roof . A one stop business shop if you like.

Today Eskilz offers just that, a turnkey business solution. We have since grown into various legs. Each leg strategically set up to service each aspect of your business. Beyond compliance Eskilz now boasts being a fully accredited training provider, a college, business start-up solution and more. Eskilz has been recognised as a leader in the industry.

With offices currently based in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Johannesburg, we aim to keep growing our reach. Through strategic partnerships, Eskilz offers a holistic solution for companies in all facets of the business.

Our success is most certainly attributed to a team of experienced and passionate staff who go above and beyond the call of duty.

We are set on empowering the nation and you can find that in every aspect of the business strategy. Eskilz College offers learnerships and accredited training. Once learners complete their training with us they do not walk away empty-handed. Eskilz offers an exit strategy for all learners. Either the learners are offered the business start-up solution where the company will hold their hand through the process. Alternatively, some students are offered a job at the company.

The vision that Eskilz has is unique. Our company aims to catapult the South African economy through assisting entrepreneurs, s.m.m.e’s and large corporates alike in progressing. By assisting businesses we will in turn help create employment and grow the economy.

We want to help the young man/ woman off the street with big dreams in his heart to prosper and soar. We want to help the small businesses in your community flourish. We want to help large businesses with an extensive reach grow further. This is our passion, this is who we are and this is what we do best

Our Vision

To become South Africa’s leading partner in business turnkey solutions and support.

Our Mission

To exceed our customer’s expectations with innovative and quality business support and solutions all under one roof. Upskill and grow our staff to offer the best solutions to clients.

Our Values

  • We demonstrate integrity, respect and team spirit
  • We are people with enthusiasm, determination and courage to lead
  • We actively pursue diversity in our workforce composition, our clients we serve and in our services we provide
  • In all that we do we are constantly driven to create sustainability and continuity
  • We aim to be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organisation

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